New Horizons | 2019

Christian Anschuetz | 2019

It seems that every day there is a nightmare story of online violations of privacy. How do we trust the system when surrounded by so much distrust?

Josie Nicholson | 2019

A lot of life lessons can be learned from sports. Overcoming obstacles in sports is a pathway for success in all areas of life.

Steven Soifer | 2019

It is probable that 500 million, or at least 7% of the world’s population have trouble using, or have issues with, public restrooms. Yet these issues can prevent people from doing their jobs well, or even at all; hinder or prevent people from travelling almost anywhere; and even interfere with or prevent people from having friendships or intimate relationships. Restroom design, or lack thereof, can create a major hindrance to people with bathroom issues. It’s time to bring the U.S. into the 21st century regarding toilet issues. Asia and much of Europe are already there.

Jenny A. Urban | 2019

Get through airport security faster or check a bag with the tap of your fingers or a scan of your eyes? Experience artificial intelligence inflight? These technologies are crafting the future of aviation, but how does that impact current regulations both within the U.S and abroad?

Luc Rébillout | 2019

Coming to America to study was a life changing experience. Working through the stages of culture shock included dealing with America’s refusal to adopt the metric system.

Glenn Parsons | 2019

Sharks are so important to the natural order of marine biodiversity, but practices in the fishing industry have harmful effects on sharks, and many other species. As a result, urgent action is needed to restore balance to the ocean.

Zaire Love | 2019

The South is situated as a universal and global benchmark of how to take what society says is backwards, slow, or regressive and change the narrative. The global recognition of two Southern black women, Beyonce Knowles Carter and Fannie Lou Hammer, has helped diversify the South’s narrative by illustrating how their unapologetic ownership of their identity as southern black women has solidified their place in history as global icons for freedom of expression, social justice, and activism.

Jakob Anseman | 2019

Throughout life, society frequently subjects autistic and other neurodivergent people to social and economic alienation, which has had disastrous consequences.