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What is TEDxUniversityofMississippi?

We are a group of student volunteers that create an event unlike any other. We share the wonder of Mississippi—it’s innovators, creators, and thinkers. We share ideas from outside Mississippi that can impact Mississippians in a positive way. Ultimately, we share an evening of curated Talks each year that spark conversation in our community and beyond. Our Talks are published on the nationally and internationally browsed TEDx Youtube channel, free of charge. We also provide access to the Talks on this website.

Featured Talks

Congratulations to our TEDxUniversityofMississippi speakers!

We share the wonder of Mississippi

We will provide a platform for approximately eight speakers in 2023. Our event takes place late February or early March. We encourage diverse perspectives. Feel free to recommend anyone with an innovative, thought provoking, or creative idea...



  • Lamar Hall Suite B
  • 662-915-2121