Nominate a Speaker for 2023

TEDxUniversityofMississippi is an event unlike any other. We share the wonder of Mississippi—it’s innovators, creators, and thinkers. We also share ideas from outside Mississippi that can impact Mississippians in a positive way. Ultimately, we share an evening of curated events that spark conversation in our community and beyond.

We will provide a platform for approximately eight speakers in 2023. Our event takes place late February or early March. We encourage diverse perspectives. Feel free to recommend anyone with an innovative, thought provoking, or creative idea worth spreading. That person might be you, a friend, a colleague, or a mentor.

Before you nominate, please also consider what we are not. We are not a platform for religious, political, or commercial advocacy. We are not an organization that pays speakers. We are not a platform for conspiracies or weak science. And though we appreciate them, we are a not a platform for self-help coaches, unless the methods they are sharing are new and have been scientifically validated.

We look forward to reading your nomination!

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