I’m Not Done Yet, So Stop Trying To Get Rid Of Me

Ruth Sherman | 2020

Age discrimination is one of the last great bastions of acceptable prejudice and is particularly prevalent in the workplace. Yet, the research shows businesses that hire and retain older workers are significantly more profitable than those that don’t.


The Perspective We Never See

Areesha Razi | 2020

Immigration is one of the most controversial and talked about topics worldwide but it is always seen from the outside views. High school senior Areesha Razi shows us the internal perspective of what is really like to be an ”immigrant’s daughter.”

The Importance of a Narrative

Donald R. Guillory | 2020

The narrative is important in understanding who we are as individuals and as a greater community. Our narratives reveal who we are and allow others to better understand our histories, experiences, and humanity. Narratives are essential and vital to our human connection and collective history.

Mexissippi: Spanish in the South

Stephen Fafulas | 2020

The Spanish language and culture are expanding in the U.S. South. By implementing a bilingual educational system, we will support multiculturalism and multilingualism in Mississippi and help create positive economic, health and educational changes in our region.

The Power of Music in the Rhythm of Life

Hannah Gadd Ardrey | 2020

Music education changes lives in many ways and contains a deeper power than we could ever imagine. The effect music has on our lives, both intrinsically and extrinsically, shapes the way we live and how we think. From the classroom to the real world, music is the pulse of life with rhythms that connect us all.

How Medicine, Money and Mindset are Costing Lives

Warrick Bishop | 2020

Dr. Warrick Bishop, author of “Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack” shares a personal story of how current assessment for heart attack risk is not good enough and how we can do better. Cardiac CT imaging can bring precision to prevention and save lives.

Measuring Poverty in the United States

Fernando Arroyo Lopez | 2020

Poverty in the US is measured in terms of income, but it is not the only determinant of this condition. A Multidimensional Poverty Index captures poverty more accurately since it not only includes command over market goods, but includes other dimensions of welfare that are needed for the development of human beings.

The Story of Human Migration: Your Life in a Tooth

Carolyn Freiwald | 2020

Every family has a migration story, whether it is from two years ago or two hundred. Archaeologists – who use chemistry as well as trowels – have discovered that ancient teeth tell the same story: migration has existed in every culture across the globe and is a key part of what makes us human.

Dr. Freiwald’s talk is now being featured on TED.com and on TED’s Podcast. Congrats, Dr. Freiwald!

Women’s Involvement In Politics

Muriel Collins | 2020

Although female involvement in politics has exponentially risen in the modern era, there is still a gender gap in political ambition. In order to create safe social and political environments for everyone, women must have an equal voice in state and local government.

How Literature Can Help Us Develop Empathy

Beth Ann Fennelly | 2020

Reading literature educates us emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, according to poet and author Beth Ann Fennelly, who joins her two decades of experience in the classroom with new studies from the emerging field of literary neuroscience to prove that reading literature makes us more empathetic.

Beth Ann Fennelly’s talk is now being featured on TED’s “How to be a Better Human” series. Congrats, Ms. Fennelly!